Sunday 9 June 2013

The Dreaded Plant for Cancer Cure

Dear Family & Friends

Some years ago, my older sister was struggling with cancer. It was very hard for me to hear this. She seeked medical help, and all sort of help, underwent chemo, surgery...and all lead to despondency.

My husband heard of a sure cancer cure but it's not on the market... or at least not known to many for whatever reason. The medicine is the oil extracted from a marijuana plant leaves.

I was so determined to help my sister. I decided that we plant marijuana. I went looking for seeds to grow..inquiring here and there...and most of them gave me a 'dirty' look.... How can I tell them I'm not a pusher nor a taker! I'm all for healthy living! Well, I didn't mind what they thought in the end.

Some countries sell marijuana seeds legally but mostly in big that's just out for me. Finally, after telling a naughty friend of my search, he came and gave me a few seeds sent in from Holland.

From these seeds grew about 4, how to extract this oil out of the leaves? This is very daunting task for me...then, I realized that to make a cancer cure oil medicine, it must be of a certain type of Marijuana plant. By this time, I understood more about the plant...some are industrial hemp which was very widely used product in the past. Which was mine? I don't know!

Sadly, my sister died not long after my search for cure and planting success. But my marijuana plant whether it's the right variety or not,  remained in our garden. When I pulled up the plant to clear the garden last winter, I dumped the plant into the compost pile...unknown to me, the plant dropped some seeds around.

Now you can see this beautiful plant, with toothy pointy leaves resembling human hands, have self seeded in our garden. I dare not pull them out. This plant holds memories of how it got here and I'll let it stay. Apparently,the plant can help enrich the at least, that's something of a consolation:)

Whenever friends come to visit us and see our garden, they normally ask about this plant...Oh no...don't get me wrong...I have no secret to hide.  But this poor plant have become a victim of abuse and is much misunderstood for what it is... Hope this gives you a bit of better understanding of the plant.



  1. So sorry about your sister , Annie :( ..... The plant looks pretty , isn't it ? Hope your neighborhood narcotics bureau won't check out those plants ;D

    1. Ha Ha! You're funny Anne ;D The truth is a large percentage of the population in this country smoke, but perhaps not the illegal stuff ... either way, I don't really advise it!!

  2. Here, they administer opium to cancer patients to relieve the pain. My aunt died of cancer but she refused the opium - a devout lady, she believed that God wanted her to suffer...and suffer she did. Maybe marijuana has that same effect as opium? Both are addictive, of course.

  3. I'm sorry about your sister. Please accept my condolence. Take care.


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