Saturday 3 August 2013

Garden Tour 2013

Dear Family & Friends

Every summer we struggle to keep the lawn green....but being English, my husband insist on " the green green grass of home"....but unlike UK, challenging Bulgaria is very dry and hot in the summer...

Well, well, if one does not give could be possible. This year, God has been so generous with summer rains... very unusual as everyone would agree. So, LooK! We have green lawn at the peak of summer season for a change!! This is the result of plentiful rain plus constant water sprinkler on!

The vegetable Garden is packed too! The row of fruit trees we planted last year facing the barn is doing well...though the trees are still tiny, yet an apple and a peach tree has already started giving us few fruits on it's second year with us:) Our intention is to have the row of fruit trees to shield and shelter the barn from sun and to  improve and hide some of the barn's imperfection without much rennovation.

The Kitchen Garden is planted with assortment of mix match veggies, flowers and herbs...ones that I like to snip frequently for food preparation as it is near the entrance patio door to our kitchen. It even got a grapevine growing and fruiting right on the post of the entrance roof, which we saved from destruction when we added the tiny porch area.

The front garden is planted with flowers. This year, we experimented planting climbing miniature ornamental pumpkin and a Morning Glory Flower Vine.  Both are creating a temporary garden green walls which I like very much as it give some sort of privacy room or partition! I like the idea of a secret garden:) A place where I can go and hide now and again:)

This strip of the garden is facing north...not much sun gets here. For years, this was considered a place not suitable for gardening. Even the soil was full of rubbles...but this year we decided that we should try and experiment to change the concept....surely there are plants that can grow here. So, I threw some seeds of easy going flowering plants...various kinds, as I'm not sure how it will go....I was surprised, they grew and this became my tiny meadow garden! Very good for my garden friends, the bees and butterflies.

I'm not a garden fact, everything is just a learning curb for me since we moved here not too long ago... learning,enjoying and profiting is definitely a win win situation:) I get bolder each year with my gardening activities and I always say....Next year, I will do it even better!

We do enjoy our garden and hope you did enjoy it too:)



  1. Hi Annie, love your huge garden. You got lots of look beautiful. Love your front garden. :)

    Happy gardening and have a nice day.

  2. What a glorious garden you have. The house is charming too. You and your family did a great job! I enjoyed the tour very much.

  3. I could live in your garden , Annie :D I just love all those different varieties of flowers and plants !

  4. Thank you for the tour, your garden is beautiful.


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