Tuesday 6 August 2013

Is It Time To Migrate?

Dear Family & Friends

Every morning we wake up to see hundreds of birds having conference call just above our garden. It's a spectacular sight and this only occurs a certain time a year. They will be doing these gathering for a few days....then, one day they will all be gone...just like that!!

Their chattering noise is awesome....we wonder what they talk about....perhaps agreeing on health and safety procedue for their coming journey?? Every spring time, they arrive and stay till summer...perhaps just before the cold weather gets here...then they will be journeying back to Africa.

With the number of birds sitting on the wire...it's amazing our old electric wires don't even sag??

Notice our make shift summer shower cubicle? Right next to the little shed with a chimney!

I'm not sure when exactly is their departure date....but with the frequent conference meeting...we can only guess that it will be soon....

God's amazing creatures...they never cease to amaze us.



  1. Wow! Spectacular sight! Sooo many birds! You did a great job capturing.

  2. Hi Annie! Time to brush up your bird language! Lol! :D

    What a sight! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Annie, thank for sharing the pictures. Very nice.. so man birds sitting on the 'wifi' LOL

    Have a wonderful day ahead.

  4. What a wonderful sight , Annie ! Thanks for sharing that ! I just can imagine the sounds those birds are making :D Are they still there ?!

    1. yes, they're still hanging around...perhaps the air atmosphere is not all clear for the flight yet!

  5. What a sight, I remember years ago I parked my car under some electrical wires where birds love to perch, my car was covered with bird dropping, what a mess!

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