Monday, 30 September 2013

Battling With Some Impossible Dream

Dear Family & Friends

No, these are not my belongs to somebody in our village. We noticed there's more and more locals grazing sheep and cows these days. We only have chickens for eggs, but I would like to care for sheep too...although I don't think it would be easy for us to do so. Animals are a big responsibility.

These lot looks clean...sometimes we see them all very muddy, dirty and unshaven :(

Although we're not really big meat eaters, but mutton is our preferred meat choice...

But...there's a big problem with this idea...I don't think I could eat the home cared for animal... and who's going to do the "deed"??!! I can't see my husband doing it, without fainting ...I can't see my girls doing it, without getting hysteric...and me, just thinking about it, is already giving me tummy ache!!

 Anyway, we've learned that a village shepherd is selling mutton for 3 euros a kilo... a better option and a good price for that too! 

Anyway, just look at that face...don't you think they're sweet....Awwww!

Now, now... I have to get a break and do some more thinking on my impossible dreams ... my life is not that straightforward sometimes!!



  1. Hi Annie, your header pic look cute and very creative plating.

    Those sheep are cute. Nice click.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Annie , just ask somebody to do the "deed" lol Yeah , they look so sweet and innocent *sigh*

  3. Ha ha ha, I can't either. When I was glowing up we had chickens for eggs and for occasional feastings but I ddin't want to think aobut it because grossed me out.

  4. I too like you new header. I could not eat a home cared for animal either even if someone else did the "deed".


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