Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Circle Herb Garden

Dear Family & Friends

Early this year, a brilliant idea of using up the big stone boulders that was littered around the premises lit up!We have leftover old stones which were used to form as base of the mud walls during construction...we just have to use and recycle them!

The circle herb garden
There were enough to form a big circle to hold up the soil bed..I thought of it as a way of making the garden have a more interesting design too.

This is how it got started

A circle herb garden! In it, I've planted some thyme, chives, rosemary, sage, basil, coriander, and savoury. In the middle of it, is another encircled area...this is where the torny gooseberry brush settled...I think, that's the best place for it...unreacheable enough to prick me, except when it's fruit harvest time.

We love having lots and lots of herbs in our meal's a natural way of perking up flavours and adding lovely smells to food:) A herb garden is also a nice feature for a garden.

Do you have a herb garden? What's growing in your herb garden?



  1. I just sigh over your herb garden ! I have a pot of mint here , so far it's still thriving though I don't use it :P Good thing that coriander is cheap here , I use it in pasta , soup , fritters and a gorgeous garnish to most of my dishes as well :D

    1. Anne, must pick your mint often, it will also make your potted plant bushy and beautiful:) My coriander self seeded everywhere this year...lazy me is letting it go wild..Like you, I also love them sprinkled on dishes...they're pretty:)

  2. Annie, you have a lovely herb garden. I might try to do the same next year. My herb garden(?) consist of shiso, basil and chocolate mint, I think too simple but my neighbor give us rosemary and parsley when we need.

    1. Chocolate mint sounds delicious! I always wanted some shiso too...when husband pops back in UK next, he have to get some shiso seeds for, that's not much to ask for, right?!

  3. Hi Annie, I really envy and love your beautiful herbs garden. I only got limited pots in my apartment but no luck with mint... it died after a few weeks.


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