Friday 15 November 2013

Gifts from Above

Dear Family & Friends

For once, I've thought the grape season has now ended...but my big girl just hauled in another bucket full of lovely green grapes from a village grandfather during their visit:) My little girl also carried a bag full of apples:) We are so touched by the generosity of our village neighbours.

Some village grandfathers/grandmothers have no family around them. Thus, they appreciate the presence of my girls...even just for a couple of minutes. My girls alway share with them their beautiful smiles.

On the same day, we also got Swiss cheese from a Swiss friend! A wonderful treat for us. Grapes & cheese is just a wonderful combination! All these precious people reminds us of God's constant goodness towards our family. We should never have any reason to grumble in life!

Hope you have wonderful people around you to remind you of God's goodness too:)


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  1. Nice! Cheese and grapes, healthy snack. Looks so great.You live in the friendly village, lucky!.


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