Tuesday 19 November 2013

Green Eggs, No Ham

Dear Family & Friends

We love our greens...and it's such a pretty colour too:)

Last week, our local librarian gave us some amazing GREEN EGGS! Although the green is not as intense as the vegetable green...yet I have to admit there is a green tint on it! It's my first time to have green eggs. I've read about them from Dr. Seuss children's books....all about the green eggs and ham... I now realize that actually it's not a joke!

These are the green eggs...but the colour is most visual in reality.

Our camera can't capture the colour of the eggs...but you can see more of it's green as I placed our other eggs with it. Green eggs apparently has lower cholestherol. Is it just a myth or a truth? I'm not sure.

I'm very curious to come and look at the hen that produced these green eggs...I know for a fact that hens lay a specific colour eggshell according to their kind and normally it matches their coloured feathers too:)

Have you ever tried green eggs and ham? We had the eggs but no ham. Green eggs taste just like eggs...if not slightly more delicious... I'm not so keen on eggs but I did enjoyed this one:)



  1. Well , I've seen green eggs back home but not here in HK :D Well , not really green but the tint of the shell , the inside though is still the normal egg color .

  2. I have never seen green egg but they look like Easter eggs. So fun!

  3. Hi Annie, thank for sharing, my first time see green eggs. Very interesting!


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