Saturday 23 November 2013

Pumpkin Collection 2013

Dear Family & Friends

I've never been to a pumpkin patch...but have seen amazing photos on internet! This year, I sort of ventured into planting a few extra pumpkin varieties. And this is my pathetic pumpkin patch....Nah, you're not really impressed, are you?!

The pumpkins are not as big as I had last year :( A few other variety sown never came up either. I can't tell what the reason behind it either! ...but, this year I had butternut squash and some miniature pumpkins for a change.

Mushroom Looking miniature pumpkins...

This decorative mushroom-looking pumpkins are gifts from our village neighbour. I will plant this for next year...because it is so pretty! Don't you think so?

It's also my first time to grow butternut squash. These will be enough to put a variety of veggie dish meal for us for the duration of winter season. It would be nice to have pumpkin soup during the very cold days to come.

My other variety is the local can grow quite big but it didn't this year. Pumpkin stew is delicious and nobody can say no to pumpkin pie either. Isn't pumpkin such a versatile veggie as it can turn into a savoury dish or a sweet dessert?

Pumpkins can be stored for a good couple of months...Do you store and keep them whilst it's in abundance for later consumption?



  1. OH,my! You have so many! I have never seen the red cap pumpkin but you're right, they're sooo cute!

  2. Nice collection of pumpkins you have there, how's the taste of red cap pumpkin vs butternut squash, is the flesh on the dry/wet side?

    1. Hi Mac, the butternut pumpkin is worth planting, the skin is thin, good for people like me who don't enjoy peeling pumpkins!!..and they're small enough to cook all at once for a small family of four. The red cap pumpkin are just for decorative purpose...I haven't even sliced it open...but will, one of these days, to get the seeds for next year's planting.

  3. Hi Annie, oh my..... love to see those pumpkin. Great harvest.... the red cap pumpkin is cute. My first time see this kind of pumpkin. :))


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