Tuesday 25 February 2014

Propagating Lavender

Dear Family & Friends

I don't really intend to be a slave of the garden all my life but would like to have a beautiful garden. The best thing to do is to plant several perennial plants that will keep coming up every year. To save money, you can try plant propagation. Today, I trimmed our lavender  bushes...it's a good practice to keep it in shape and encourage more new growth. In the end, I've also collected a lot of stems for propagation.

Out of the two small pots of lavender we bought 3 years ago, we now have several bushes:)

Ambitious me planted about 105 lavender stems that was dipped in hormone root powder, directly into the ground. Let's see how many will take off.

Use hormone root powder on end of stem to aid the plants before planting

Last year, I did it in recycled pots, but I'm getting lazier and becoming more confident this year, so, I had to do it another way too.

rooting lavender directly into ground - my experiment

I will later check on the other lavender bush to see if I can get some free off shoots which develops from the main bush. You can severe it off from the parent plant and transplant it somewhere with it's own little roots.

rooting lavender in water - another experiment

With roots on, lavender are very easy plant to grow. With the rest of the left over pruned stems, I've decided to clean them up and propagate it in water. I have to check it often and keep the water clean and hope that they will eventually develop roots...before I can start dreaming of a lavender field. Wish me all the best as I try hard going for this and that!!

Hope you have a very good day too:) Dreaming big dreams:)



  1. I love lavender! Thank you for eduction me how to propagating. One of my bucket list to see the Lavender field in Hokkaido Japan. I hope I'm able to someday soon. Good luck with your garden.

  2. A lavender field sounds like a wonderful dream to me!

  3. I am interested to see how this turns out as I have some lavender too.


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