Friday 18 July 2014

Scout Group Field Trip

Dear Family & Friends

The girls enjoy their once a month Scout Group meeting and this is the last meeting for the school year..and everyone will be having their summer break and will meet again sometime September. For their last meeting, a special field trip was arranged: Hiking and a BBQ!

The venue where the Scout Group went for their trip

There's a lot of forest nooks around here and this is one of them. There's even a small hut in the forest where they gathered to have their picnic!

A little hut in the forest to gather and have their meal and shelter for a while

A simple typical BBQ meal is always exciting!

This was the BBQ meal - they always taste better eaten outside

On this trip, they gathered wild plants, laid it on the table and identified what was gathered.

Wild plants laid on table to be identified

Hiking trips are always fun!

The Scout Group Hikers

There are other special Scout camp event for this summer, but that is another update to come.

Wishing you a lovely sun fun filled days.


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  1. What a beautiful place! I enjoyed the view! I can't name any of the flowers but scouting sounds like fun activity!


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