Monday 21 July 2014

Surprises From Fruit Trees

Dear Family & Friends

I always get some nice surprises from the garden....yes, that includes discovering ugly pest that I've never seen before. But today, I have some pleasant surprises to share with you.

Our pomegranate tree is flowering!

We bought this pomegranate tree 3 years ago, we waited for it to fruit but - nothing! This year, we moved it to another area of the garden and noticed that it started to put some pretty flowers!

Our small but fruiting pomegranate tree

Pretty flowers mean that we are going to finally get some pomegranate fruits that we patiently waited for:)

An existing tree decided to start bearing apples!

A few metres to the pomegranate tree, there is this tree that has always been there...I thought it was another of those sour cherry tree doting the garden, but when I looked up, I noticed some green apples! The first time ever it fruited! What a nice surprise!

Decorative Pumpkin climbing onto a dead tree

Next to this newly discovered apple tree is a tree that just suddenly died last year. We didn't pull it out. I thought I could make use of it's tree trunk and branches to climb some plants onto. Yes, I planted a decorative pumpkin and it made a suitable area and it even starts bearing some lovely little pumpkins by now...another nice surprise!

Well, I'm just having fun in the garden with all these surprises for a change. I hope you have some exciting nice surprises where you are too:)


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  1. Ha ha ha, what a teaser pomegranate tree! I like that kind of surprise!


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