Friday 22 August 2014

Propagating Rose Plant In Summer - Tutorial on air layering

Dear Family & Friends

I found a way to root roses and I'm sharing this know how with you. As one income earner family, I cannot justify buying plants to fill up our garden...that would cost a lot. So, being a stay at home mum, I had to learn to propagate plants to beautify our garden for the family to enjoy.

I tried cutting stem of this particular climbing rose plant that we have but was not successful especially as I wanted it done it the height of summer season. So, I tried another propagation method! Here's how:

With a sharp clean knife, scrape a stem of the rose plant that you want to propagate. Just peel the outer skin of the stem to cause a wound.
Next, prepare a tissue paper and the hormone root powder. You can buy this powder from garden centres. This will aid the cut to root.

Wet the tissue paper a bit just so to hold some hormone root powder to it. 

Use this to wrap around the wound of the rose stem. The powder is to aid the wound to root.

Next, get any old piece of scrap material. Put some soil or compost onto it.

Wrap this soil around the tissue paper for the roots to grow into at a later stage. I think this will keep the wound damp too.

Now the wounded rose stem is bandaged up with hormone root powder and a bit of compost/soil.

To keep the bandage moist, I wrapped some clear plastic around it too.

Tie it all up to keep everything in place.

Keep this bandage watered from time to time . This is important.

Water directly into the wrapped around cloth. I use a little cup to do this to soak it well.

After a couple of weeks, I checked my cheap propagation experiment...Yes! the wound of the rose have rooted.  See the white long root coming out from the wound:) Once the root is stronger, I will severe the stem of the rose plant, just beneath the root and transplant it into a pot or directly into the ground.

This propagation cost me nothing....I even use recycled material, including the plastic covering:) Yes, I'm cheap...but it made me real happy:) I still think that we can simply take rose stem cutting and stick it into sandy ground and it will get established. I have done that before in autumn or spring cool season, and some rose plant variety are easy to do...but for summer, this propagation method works better for me.

Hope you will try this's fun. My husband thought I was clever ...Ha! Ha! Who knew?!

Wishing you blessings and success today too:)



  1. i once did this for my elementary school science project, i only successfull with 3 of 5 roses,
    good job with yours!!!

  2. BRILLIANT!!!!! How fantastic is this friend!!!!!! Goodness! I love everything about this...just goes to show what you can do to grow your garden!!!! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  3. Amazing! It was educational too. Thank you Annie, you're so awesome!

  4. I'll have to come back to read it again, thanks for the tutorial.


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