Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What We Got To This Week

Dear Family & Friends

Once in a while I do make some effort and grace the table with flowers from the garden...as it's not often, my girls have to capture the moment:)

Extra effort for this lunch date!

This week we had Japanese curry with rice, but it will be a long while before I could have this dish again as I just used up the last box of Japanese curry sauce. It's easy to obtain from any Oriental store...but I don't think there's any oriental store in this country:(.... Hmmm, I must learn how to make this dish from scratch as option!

Japanese curry with rice...so yum!

This week, my hard working husband have been redoing DIY tiling job in our bathroom. It's a messy job and a bit dusty too! He normally wear his old dirty ripped denim shorts when we does this kind of job around the house. Then, our next door neighbour called him over from our garden wall. Naturally, he stopped his job to respond and see if neighbour needs any help..or sometimes he calls just to pass us some of his harvest overflow. 

But when our neighbour saw the state of his work clothes - the dirty denim shorts, he asked him to go put on long trousers! No explanation was given. My husband started wondering why. He didn't want to put clean trousers because he is dusty himself....so, he went to the washing basket and found his pajama trousers and wore that instead!! Got back to the neighbour, and this time, the neighbour accepted the look, and took him through their garden, into their house, to meet their visiting relative who can speak English!! So, that was the reason for the long trousers request! If only they knew... he was actually wearing his dirty pajama trousers!!

My husband's floor tiling work in progress.

For this week, both of the girls were so intense and busy with their languages study...they're now linguist , with at least 8 languages to their credit! This puts me to shame because I haven't really improved much with my language study effort myself:(  In addition, my little girl had been spending her time bead crafting...when you're young, it's amazing how minds can come up with talents!

My little girl's work in progress, bead craft she design herself! This is how she makes the panda earring:)

OK... just recording and updating this week's going on in our little home. Sometimes it's mundane but we just have to appreciate it all:)

Hope your week is much more exciting than ours and I wish you a good day:)



  1. Wow! I love curry, I'm posting curry dish today (almost finished with it). Ha ha ha, the neighbor should say so in first place...I thought he must be a fashion police.
    I like the blue tiles. Your daughter are very artistic! They should sell it.

  2. Your daughter's creation is fantastic friend! And how proud you must be of your girls for knowing so many languages! I loved the story about your neighbor and the trousers! HA! And your table and your curry dish are just outstanding!!! Lovely things happening all around in your home! Happy day to you tomorrow! Nicole xoxo

  3. I think I should quite like a lunch date at your house :) Yum... followed by a garden walk of course!

  4. You have a creative family. Your husband is quite the DIY guy and your daughter is quite the artist too. Lovely lunch...and love that trouser story :)

  5. Wonderful post. Your header is gorgeous!

  6. I've been wanting to make Japanese curry from scratch but haven't got around to it yet :P I can't help but grin re trouser story , I guess dirty denim shorts is not acceptable to your neighbor lol Yours girls are very creative and a linguist as well , I wonder where they get their talent lol

  7. what a wonderful post. love your table and your japanese curry looks delicious.beautilful trouser story.your daughter's are very creative.Der Ohrring ist wunderschön!!!!
    Have a nice weekend,
    love Regina

  8. The japanese curry looks pretty damn delicious!!!


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