Thursday 7 August 2014

Works In Progress

Dear Family & Friends

The onions are's still sitting out there to dry a bit more. No, I'm not braiding onions this year...I decided to store them in the house and most of it would be prepared to be frozen or dried.

They are smaller this year...but it's OK...the harvest was about 2 box tray full,  for 30 pence worth of onion set that I bought to plant way back in spring time....definitely a good deal:)

more onions to be sorted

There's just so much weeds in the garden too. See all the weeds weeded just this morning?...but it's all good compost resource.

weeds + cardboard+water= compost in no time!

Yes, watermelon is in season here. No, we don't throw the rind except when we feel kind and would like to share some to the chickens...otherwise....they're so good for the pickles! It's a must try dish...better than cucumbers!

pickling watermelon rind

I'm starting to think ahead...working for two identical crochet winter lap blankets for my two girls. Yes, I'm also tidying up bits and pieces of this is going to be a very colourful and appealing blankets:) 

the design is made up depending on yarn still in progress

At the same time, out in the garden I find more spaces to put in I decided to plant in more basil...not from's faster if you just cut some stems from your existing plant and root it in water...they root fast and then it can be planted straight away once rooted:) 

basil cuttings rooting in water...they'll perk up soon

OK, this root cutting looks dead...but it will forgive me by's just so hot today...but really our summer this year is not as hot as it was last year.

Hope you have a nice day:)



  1. dear annie,
    watermelon rind pickles sounds good. the blanket looks wonderful. i love the colours!
    have a nice time,
    hugs regina

  2. What a great onion harvest! They are a beautiful colour and such a good deal :)

  3. I have never tried watermelon rinds as pickles! How brilliant is that! And your onions look outstanding!!!! Happy gardening lady! Nicole xo

  4. I'm thinking onion pickles and want some fresh basil right now *sigh* Another beautiful crochet project , hope you'll finish it before winter sets in :D

  5. Wow! You and your family are great gardeners. And always doing 'projects', do you have down time at all? A great job on the blanket, very cute.


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