Sunday 10 August 2014

Experimenting In The Garden

Dear Family & Friends

This year's gardening is some what different from last year in that: we staggered our harvesting of potatoes. We had our first harvest end of June, we immediately planted another lot in the same place... so far, we had about 3 harvests with about 2 box tray of potatoes whenever we get digging. Harvesting in smaller quantities and eating them as we go seems a better idea for us.

Flowering potato plant...potatoes will soon be found underneath :)

I have also been wondering if I could get my hands on propagating this beautiful red climbing rose... I did cuttings but was not I'm trying to do another way... I scraped a rose stem and sprinkled hormone root powder onto it, then, I covered it with a bit of compost, bandaged it with a piece of cloth and plastic to maintain moisture. I'm hoping that the wounded stem will take roots while it is still attached to the parent plant.

See my experiment done by wrapping a stem ( lower end of the plant) to cause it to take roots?
I hope that this propagating idea would work because I have a few more area where I want the same red climbing rose to grow to create a natural canopy...Ah...I must try...who knows it will succeed?

Wishing you a nice day today.


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  1. Interesting! I hope it works! Your garden is amazing!


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