Tuesday 23 September 2014

Apples from Uncle Boris

Dear Family & Friends

It's apple season in our village! Today I'm sharing with you the apples from uncle Boris, our next door neighbour. It's important to us that our two girls will grow up with manners and respect for other people. I taught them to call and address people with dignity whether they're rich or poor. So, uncle Boris is really not a blood related uncle and so with the many grandparents that they have in this village that we live in. 

Some of the apple harvest straight from the tree

Now and again, we have grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunties calling the girls for the autumn harvest from their garden. Usually at this time we get grapes, but not this year. Everyone had a freak grape year, but apples are in abundance!

neighbour's red apple tree

This is the old apple tree of our next door neighbour, just beside our garden wall....it's laden.

next to the red apples are green apples also laden with fruits!

They have a couple of trees in their garden, although I don't think the harvest he gave us was from neither of these trees because I haven't seen him picked the apples which are just across our garden wall. They normally have other land parcels nearby.

apples of uncle Boris

When our neighbour calls the girls from the garden wall to receive the bags of apples...my girls, with their grateful hearts, would say "Thank You very much Uncle Boris". I can also hear the joyful laughter that fills his heart, simply because the girls gave back honour by addressing him with dignity and respect.

polishing red apples...till they shine

Usually the fresh fruit we get doesn't look so attractive like the ones displayed in supermarkets. But that's not a problem...just polish them with cloth and they soon sparkle. What's most important, it's juicy and crispy because it's freshly plucked from the tree!

basket of apples

My fruit basket of apples are being filled up from various donors. My girls love the healthy snack. When people in our village drop us some fruits, they would say: "fruits for the girls, because they're growing!" I think they're taking part in helping us feed healthy beautiful girls. Grateful for all the autumn harvest and lovely people that surrounds us.

May you have the abundance of harvest and loving people around you too:) Enjoy your day!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous looking apples! Thank you for the prayer!

  2. They look better than the ones from the store! Gorgeous :)


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