Tuesday 2 September 2014

Rolling Season

Dear Family & Friends

Season comes and then slowly it goes to be replaced with another one...not a sad thing because there's always new things to look forward to.

The abundance of lavender bloom in the garden is now of the past... the flowers were all harvested and it's now fillers of little pillows that fragrance the room when crushed as we lean or lay on it!

This was the carrot that we didn't harvest and let it go to produce seeds. The carrot flower bloomed most summer and eventually dried up, and I collected the seeds. By now, the seeds were sown and we are beginning to see little carrot seedlings:) We will have carrots for winter and spring time to use/eat. It will be nice with stew:)

Some flowers like this echichina is past their beauty...but we are still waiting for it's seeds to dry and develop for next years plants.


This is Squeak, our very first chicken...she's now old but she is still very happy with us together with all the added chickens during the course of the year.

All subsequent chickens were not given names anymore...because it can become personal and it hurts more when they say goodbye...but as you can see, even the subsequent hens are getting old and bald! So, today we went to an outdoor market and got 7 more hens to add to the brood for our coming year's egg supply.

As season rolls on, though it seems a bit sad, but we must remember that there's always new things to look forward to... Saying that, I have to enjoy the summer till it last! The best of summer is yet to come, that's when summer cools down a bit:)

Hope you do the same too. Enjoy a lovely day!



  1. I love how resourceful you are with your seed gathering!!! And your hens are fantastic!!! Wishing you a happy end to summer and a wonderful new season!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Annie , time really flies so fast ! I can't wait to say goodbye to summer , it's September but still freakin' hot here *sigh* Re chook , I can still remember our chicken we named it , Kaka :D Yeah , no names from now on !

  3. I liked the message this post gives me. The photos are wonderful and the words are poetic.


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