Friday 5 September 2014

Summer Pruning and Home Improvement Begins

Dear Family & Friends

This photo was one of the quince trees in the garden taken sometime in the Spring this year. I'm not so sure if you can notice how many of the branches sprout upwards, and one of the main trunk has crossed over so badly that it is started to affect the other trunk that got crossed.

The Quince tree before (in Spring time)

So, we had to summer prune this tree so drastically...because everything seems to be growing the wrong way. We took a lot of courage to do this, a task we never done before...perhaps we over did it... but we hope that the pruning done will give the tree more open air circulation and a better shaped tree overall. (open air circulation?? understatement! Look at it now... there's literally nothing in the space, except a branch with few leaves and dangling 5 quince fruits! LOL!

The quince tree, after... after the summer pruning

There are other trees like this cherry tree that has grown so big and tall. Most of it's energy are wasted because it produces lots of cherries that is beyond our reach. Some branches are growing so close to the house windows, blocking daylight to the upper rooms too. (off with it's head!)

the once big cherry tree

Now, there's only one fruit tree left that needs the pruning. This is the other Quince tree. It is laden with fruits and we thought we just have to wait for a little while till we get the harvest and then, do the pruning. It has never been pruned. We need to shorten the tree because most top fruits just rots and falls to the ground as we couldn't reach them. It's either we grow tall or shorten the tree:) Perhaps some of the lower branches need to be cut back as it gets so heavy laden with fruits. By early autumn, the branch is literally dragged down to the ground..and we can only hope that it won't break!

One other quince tree left to be pruned later this year

This pear tree was so poorly when we first moved into this house. When we gave it a prune for two consecutive started to recover. Now it looks at it's most healthiest. This year we even see a lot of fruits considering it is such a tiny tree with just a few branches to it.

Our tiny pear tree that had benefit from's so happy that it bear  lots this year

Some trees are so robust like this plum tree at the end of our garden. It gets so dense and packed with lots of branches and leaves. We had to open up the structure of the tree to give it more air and light circulation. It will help keep pest away and for it's future fruits to ripen properly under good sunlight.

Another old plum trees which we pruned to take a better shape

Now that summer fruit tree pruning has been done by my hard working husband...he is into another project. He is determined to put new gutters and paint the facade of our house. It's a lot of work which he have never done before. He learns as he goes about his job. 

In this country, we realized from our experiences, that it is less painful to do it yourself than to pay workers because we always end up redoing things all over again ourselves,  due to non-existence work standard, plus we get charged ridiculous fee because we're foreigners. Really frustrating... but this situation led my husband to gain a lot of wisdom and work knowledge, plus the satisfaction he gains once the work project finishes.

Ladders up... rain gutters out, woodworks repaired and will be repainted soon..and then we'll see new gutters:)

We really need God's wisdom in our daily well as His protection. Thus, everyday we pray for these things. How you do face some challenges in daily life?

Wishing you a good and safe day today:)



  1. I thought the quince is an apple tree in my previous comment ! I'm so envious with your CHERRY tree *sigh* You need to grow taller , guys lol

  2. Hi! With your Quince tree, did pruning that hard work? I see from the before in Spring picture that all the other branches were growing up so they're "bad" and they maybe don't have any fruit or flowers.
    But the tree regrew nicely? Even the left hand main branch that had no branches left?
    I think you have 3 Quince and have searched but can't see any picture of this tree after September 2014.
    I have moved into a house with a Quince tree and want to do good for the tree.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. We have two quince trees. One needed pruning so badly to correct a badly twisted big branch - thus the severe pruning. The following 2 years it had to catch up with reforming it's shape. It still gave few fruits with just the few branches. To date, this tree is back on track - with a lovely shape and fair enough fruits coming from the blossoms we see. Quince trees are so easy going tree and a very beautiful fruit tree to have..they produces lots of little branches very quickly. I wish you all the best on your Quince tree:)

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