Wednesday 22 October 2014

Our Little Joys

Dear Family & Friends

We had BBQ meal in our garden today...just  for the sake of having and hanging on to the last outdoor eating joy....but I must admit it is getting COOL out there!

Simple outdoor meal

Inside the house, although the sunlight permits in, but there seems not much heat that I don't mind basking under it's light with another thrifty sewing project of paper piecing in my hands.  

My new thrifty project: using recycled clothes to do "Shifting Cubes" paper piecing

Neighbours still pour in their apple our little girl carry on enjoying her baking sessions. She see to it that we have continuous supply of her autumn apple cakes and apple pies! No one in our house complains...and I think it is never a trouble to have delicious treats:)  

Our 12 years old girl spoils us with her goodies!
Life is simple with our little family...but it  is good, always good!

May you enjoy all the little joys with your family too!


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  1. Your blog gives me a smile every time. Again the apple cake looks very good and give my big compliment to your daughter.


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