Tuesday 28 October 2014

Word of Mouth Recipe for Old Courgette

Dear Family & Friends

My big girl came back home after her cycling routine with a "word of mouth recipe" from a grandmother. I don't even know this grandmother according to my big girl because I rarely get out pass our gate... and she lives near the village train station:( But village grandmother wants to share this recipe with me because she had it for breakfast and it was delicious!

Sweetly baked old courgette

At this time, we're not as vigilant with our courgette/zuchinni growing in the garden anymore...and so we end up with enormous fruit...with it's skin getting tough and seeds ripening within.... most of them goes to chicken these days...

This is what our overdue and overgrown old courgette harvest looks like

So the word of mouth recipe from the village grandmother came very handy indeed. I tried what she said. Peeled the outer skin, take off the seeds out, slice the flesh part and bake it in the oven with a bit of sugar. 

This simple recipe was enjoyed by all...I will have to do some more of it. A good solution to my present courgette glut...sparing the misery of our chickens too (They're actually getting fed up with my throwing them courgette ;P)

Don't you think it was nice for the village grandmother to send me her recipe? I do appreciate teachings of older women...they hold more knowledge and there's always something to learn from them.

May you have a great day today:)



  1. hi annie,
    what a wonderful idea from the village grandma.
    have a nice time ,

  2. Hi Annie, your baked old courgette look interesting. So nice of this grandma sharing her recipe with you. Happy cooking.

    Beautiful header picture, your garden is so lovely.
    Have a nice day ahead.

  3. Simple and delicious recipe. I love most of all, where the recipe came from...I think it's very charming story.


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