Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thieves and Robbers

Dear Family & Friends

Ever since we've moved to our little home in Bulgaria, we faced the need of having logs for heating during the cold season. There's no gas supply option and electric heating system is just too expensive to consider. We installed a log burner and it supplies heat through radiators around the house.

Logs ordered and damped by the front of the house

Every year we have to order logs. Every year we have to face thieves and robbers for this transaction. Logs ordered early in the summer are quoted a cheaper price, it goes up as winter approaches. Logs are delivered and damped outside our house by a lorry. We buy the logs by cubic metre and good logs like oak wood is of course more expensive than other kinds of logs because they burn longer .

Uncut logs delivered in the summer, drying and waiting to be cut

We never buy with the same seller because we realized they are all taking advantage of us. Ideally we need a recommendation but it seems to be a top secret information. So, we have to search for our needs ourselves! Our main problem is open dishonesty. We never get the logs we paid for. Only half the measurement is delivered, and poor quality logs are always mixed in too! It is frustrating.

Logs stacked up in one corner of the barn for winter use

This year, we ordered our logs so late (prices are up and supply is not guaranteed) but we have no choice because the barn space was not ready. By early autumn, we approached another seller, with great expectation of being robbed once again..when you've been robbed year after year, it doesn't feel so bad anymore!! BUT... we couldn't believe it...we got an honest deal this year! Good logs, accurate measurement and with official receipt?! Never had we have this good! Perhaps things can get better!

Yesterday, a log lorry whom we bought logs and openly robbed us last year, came hooting to ask if we need his logs again this year... it felt good to say "no"...and I hope that they would understand the importance of an honest deal to maintain customer.

Life requires patience... and our living in Bulgaria have polished us in so many ways!We're still grateful... as long as we know how to be overcomers!

Be patient with life always...and here's wishing you a good day and many blessings!


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  1. I enjoyed your story. It must be frustrating when people are not honest. I'm so glad you have happy ending to this. Stay warm.


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