Thursday, 20 November 2014

Trip To Germany - Our Accommodation (4/4 parts)

Dear Family & Friends

This is the last of my trip to Germany post... *sigh*...I know it's a long series huh? but...I just have to share with you where we stayed during our holiday for it was one good memory for us:)

At the top of small village, we found a lovely, and homey self contained flat to stay

We pre-booked all our accommodation arrangements to make it easier as we intend to move from one place to another. Most of our stay were with youth hostel. No, it's not just for the youth but they also cater to families. It's probably not to everybody's taste but it was OK for us.

Our homey apartment bedroom for the night

We also tried a stay at a private self contained flat/apartment. Not as fun as a hostel for you don't see anyone else. OK, we met the owners and had a good chat with them and remained in touch....which is a good thing.

We even had our own kitchen facility...but I'm on cooking please!

Perhaps, a flat or apartment would be good if you stayed for a few can cook and relax within...just like a home-away from home.

That castle on top of the hill is going to be our accommodation for the night!

The very first hostel we stayed with was a bit disappointing...we prebooked a family room but we were given a small room with 4 bunker beds...toilet was down the end of a long corridor, shower room was right at the basement floor! It occurred to us to leave and look for another accommodation, but in the end we was not worth looking around for another, just for the night. Anyway, our little girl concluded at the end of our trip that: that was the best accommodation experience for her. You see, bunk bed was a great novelty for her...and she really enjoyed sleeping on the top bunk! A real holiday treat!

The pathway to our castle! "How much more climbing do I need to do, Dear?"

Jungenbergen Youth Hostel is something like "McDonald" can find them everywhere, easy to locate, and you know what they offer. No need to do a lot of thinking for that! But you actually need a hostel membership card for a cheaper deal. Youth Hostel in Europe is usually good and clean.

Finally, we reached the entrance to our castle!

The most interesting one we stayed was a hostel in an old castle, in a very picturesque town of Bakaraach! Down side is: No car parking in the castle premise...we have to park the car off road along the hillside leading to the castle. Probably it was different in the past...they had horse and cart! If we had such transportation, we probably could get right to the doorstep;P

We stayed at the second floor of  this castle tower! 

Otherwise, travel light to afford a walk up the hilly lane to get to the castle for the night! I was complaining all the one listened to any of my complains which was a good thing. But I vowed that once I'm up there, I'm not coming down till it was time to leave. So, I more or less turned myself to Princess Rapunsel as we had all the second floor of the castle tower to ourselves!

Solid stone, spiraling stair way leading to our bedroom. 

In the castle tower, our assigned family room had so many bunk beds, a dozen of them... all to ourselves! (to the delight of my little girl, of course! )...There was a toilet and a shower room with the most beautiful view you could ever see right from the window while brushing your teeth!

Inside the castle tower was full of bunk beds!

With a Youth Hostel, they serve breakfast buffet inclusive. Breakfast was a selection of cold cut meats, cheeses, boiled eggs, slices of fresh tomatoes and cukes, freshly baked bread rolls, breakfast cereal, fruit jams, choco spread, yougurt/quarks, fresh fruits, cold and hot drinks to choose from! 

The most gorgeous view from our bathroom window!

All guest were assigned a reservation breakfast table. We ate with other guest. I noticed how the Germans are very quiet and polite people. One thing that impressed me so much was I watched how they get up from their table after their breakfast, carry and clear up all their used cutleries/plates to a kitchen trolley...and came back to wipe the crumbs and sticky stuff off their breakfast table with a damp cloth! Isn't that cool manners!!

The neighbourhood houses just further down the hill of the castle ground

Our family really enjoyed our trip to Germany and we all want to go back again. It's definitely one of the most beautiful country to visit in Europe.

Hope you enjoyed my sharing with you about the humble family trip we did. Sorry I wasn't able to make this into a much concise post...but you are very patient indeed to read all four parts of it.

Wishing you a lovely day today!



  1. This post was again both beautiful and very informative! Loved the town shots and I found it very helpful to learn about your accommodations! How wonderful that they are very polite as well...the rest of the world could learn something from them!! Happy day to you friend! Nicole xo

  2. I enjoyed your trip to Germany so much that willI miss it. Wow! I love to stay the night in the castle! It looks so cool!

  3. Thank you for sharing the trip. I enjoyed Germany in 1967, but have only been in airports since then - Munich, Frankfurt, etc. Also, I'm glad to know about the honest firewood man! :) Robert told me where he does business. Thanks for the tip!


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