Sunday, 16 November 2014

Trip To Germany - 3 countries in a day (3/4 parts)

Dear Family & Friends

If there's anything that was interesting for us during our recent holiday trip to Germany, it must be the experience of visiting 3 countries in a day, in just a matter of 5 to 10 minutes drive! On that beautiful sunny day...we were in Luxembourg, Germany, and France!

Sign post that points to 3 directions = 3 countries

There was no border check, so you don't even notice that you were already in another country as you drive around! Radio station in the car will somehow tell you where you are because it picks up station with either French, Luxembourgish, or German speaking radio programme.

Noticed the blue French style shutters...that tells us we were in France!

You can also observe that there's a slight difference in their house facade character...

As we entered France territory, Eiffel Tower came to view:)

The French with their rustic village look....while the Germans with their orderly ways etc... it''s visible within their environment.

French town

Luxembourg town

The landmark for Shengen (Luxembourg)
I didn't know much about Shengen, although I have heard this term in the past. This time, I know a bit more after a visit to a musuem. Shengen is actually a place in Luxembourg. But it is here (in the middle of a river)  that they signed an agreement to form EU member state.

Then, back to Germany

After the short visit to France and Luxembourg, we drove back to Germany...yes, back to the vineyard on mountain slopes scenery:)

Next and my last blog post for this trip...would be about our accommodation...another interesting experience that we would always cherish.

For now, I wish you a lovely day:)



  1. There is such a difference between their environments but both so lovely I must say! I have learned so much already from your posts here friend! How wonderful to be able to see such beautiful places! Wishing you a wonderful week!!! Nicole xo

  2. Thank you for the gorgeous photographs! I enjoyed it very much. I hope I can visit Europe next year...I'm studying French lately. I leaned in collage but it didn't stick. I'm hoping I will do better this time around.


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