Thursday, 6 November 2014

Trip to Germany - Rhineland Palatinate (1/4 parts)

Dear Family & Friends

Taking holiday break in Autumn season can be risky as we chance with the changing weather. The advantage is it's so called low season, airfare comes down, accommodation are more available, most holidaymakers have already gone back to school or work. Thus, we tend to have our family holiday at this time of the year.

When we left home for holiday, it was raining... but upon arrival in Germany, it was clear most days except for one rainy morning during our stay. When you roam around, clear days makes a lot of difference.

Crispy cool, misty mornings that gives way to bright sunny day:)

Germany is beautiful. We love their countryside. Everyday we wake up to misty mornings as we were in valleys surrounded by mountains. By mid morning, it clears up, bringing excitements to our day.

This is in the town centre of Saarburg...very pretty

We visited Rhineland Palatinate area...which is famous for their vineyards. None of us enjoy wine drinking, but we were fascinated to see how they grow their grapes on mountain slopes, all very neat and very orderly! Some on slopes that seems almost vertical!! Along the mountains ran two wide rivers, the Rhine and Mossel...and that's the route that we followed during this trip.

The river fed by the waterfall in the town centre (Saarburg)

We started our trip from Frankfurt Hahn on budget airline. Renting a car gave us the freedom to roam around the beautiful countryside of Germany, specially at this time of the year, when vast forest trees turns into golden yellow!

Driving around Germany is pleasant. Roads are wide and well maintained. Unlike Bulgaria, drivers are not aggressive... and with well posted road signs...who needs GPS!

All for now but I have more to share about this trip next time:)

Hope you have a nice week and lovely days...till then:)



  1. Oh Annie!!!! You have made me want to take a trip there right now! The architecture is beautiful! How wonderful that you and your family were able to experience this!! I can't wait to see more! Nicole xo

  2. I think that's a very cool water wheel in Saarburg. Maybe it's common, but i've never seen a flume like that where they can divert some of the water to control the speed of the waterwheel. Nice! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I'm glad you have more!

  3. My friends took trip to Germany in Summer. They liked the country very much. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I truly enjoyed it. You guys are so lucky to visit picturesque city!


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