Saturday 1 November 2014

The Gone By October Month

Dear Family & Friends

October has just gone, but I still want to post these memories in before November comes in full swing! Then, I will start posting to share with you about our recent holiday trip to Germany next:)

From, we learned how to use our wafflemaker to make simple but fantastic looking sandwich! This is just two slices of bread with cheese and jam fillings which my two girls snapped into the waffle maker machine for a minute or two! No sandwich maker?...a waffle maker will work just as well!! 

After lending a hand to our neighbour, we ended up with a bag of big apples!..This is probably the biggest apple we had for this year! There's always kindness going around in our village.

Clay pots are my preference for planters but they are pricey! There's lots of cheap plastic planters but they are not really ideal as they get brittle under the sun in no time! Recently, I found an olive shop whom I offered to buy some of their emptied olive tin cans to make planters...although they will rust in time but they would look natural with a Mediterranean  feel about them for our garden...

So here goes, I bang some nail holes at the bottom of the olive cans, filled it up with compost, and planted my pelargoniums/geranium in! These plants will not survive winter outside the garden, so they have to be potted up and brought indoors for the coming few months.

This is our autumn flower garden... There's still a lot of flowers: chrysanthemums, marigolds, lavender, cosmos to name a few. Butterflies and bees are having their last go gathering flower nectar. I'm glad this year's garden flowers have been so generous and abundant for them.

Very soon I have to tidy up our's getting cold and most plants will die down for the winter...some will come back up as soon as weather warms up again, while others have already produced their seeds for next year's new plants. I always don't know when to start tidying up the garden...I always battle with saying goodbyes to these plants that gave us lots of pleasure... autumn sometimes is a sad season for me...

Hoping for a better and cheerful sunny autumn days! Wishing you a nice day:)



  1. Your garden is gorgeous Annie!!! I love how much color you still have! And those cans are beautiful dear friend! Just fantastic as is that enormous apple! That is one of the biggest apples I have ever seen! All good things happening where you are! Happy weekend! Nicole xo

  2. Beautiful apple! And it's huge!
    Your garden is so awesome. You are pretty resourceful too, love the tin can idea. I'm looking forward to your trip post. I hope you all had a great time.
    PS- Thank you for mentioning my blog.


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