Friday, 12 June 2015

The birds in our garden this month

Dear Family & Friends

Everything seems to flourish in the garden. That includes the birds that we are looking after. As for the three ducks we acquired recently...well, they are growing so fast and are getting confident in their new home. They eat a lot and are very thirsty creatures! They now discovered the joy of dipping in the wee pool we provided's a joy to see them. 

Our ducks are growing fast. That's Quack, Quack and Quack:)

As for the neighbours of the 3 ducklings:Quack, Quack & Quack....well, they are all happy and silly as usual:) Here you can see them all anticipating the footstep of my little girl...she always brings and throw food scraps into their pen. That piece of bread will send them all silly...having these birds in our garden can be quiet entertaining.

Chickens are anticipating for that piece of bread to be thrown into their pen

That's how some of our time goes...getting free entertainment from the birds in our garden. Life need not be too complicated. Hope you are having and seeing fun entertainment where you are too:)



  1. So true Annie! Life does not need to be complicated! Your little friends up there are adorable!! We would be entertained for hours if we had them in our garden! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  2. Cute story! A few of my friends have chickens in their back yard. In occasion, they give us fresh thankful!
    We're so behind on gardening this year...only thing that glowing in vegetable garden is artichoke plant.


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