Tuesday 3 November 2015

Honey Fig Cake

Dear Family & Friends

Miss L continues on feeding us with her sweet bakes...no, not too sweet...our two girls are so concerned about being healthy, but the naughty mother prefers things sweeter:(

Here she prepared for us an up side down honey drizzled fig cake... when I asked her for the recipe, she didn't have one...she just made the basic all in one cake recipe and cleverly arranged the figs on the bottom of the pan. 

No one seems to use proper recipe in our house, although we love reading and watching how to cook/bake videos ... but comes to daily living, we just dive into whatever we are going or have to do... really...all we need to know is the basic science of cooking sometimes. Saying that...I think I will never qualify for chef competition or will ever become a cookbook writer:(

There is so much to life...but the most important thing is that you enjoy it. Wishing you have a good fun day.



  1. Hi Annie, how you doing? Your honey fig cake look delicious. I yet to try fresh fig, only those dried fig.
    For home cooking, I don't usually measure or weight the exact amount except when I'm posting it in my blog. Otherwise most time estimate and just "throw in". hahaha.... i think it taste better too.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  2. Our fig season is over in August but I would like to make this instead of pineapple up-side down cake if I get figs again. Nice looking great! She seems like nice person.

  3. I love figs and the cake looks great. My husband and I both tend to cook like you. That is unless I'm creating a recipe to share…then I measure carefully. My husband on the other hand never measures and everything he cooks is good. :)

  4. Amelia, Akemi, Karen and Kev...Thanks...I'm not really a food blogger and probably never will..but I do admire you who measures, craetes and writes recipes to share in blogs...many benefits from it, including myself, even though I don't usually follow it to the dot, for various excuses:)


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