Monday 9 November 2015

Some of our last week's activity

Dear Family & Friends

We had some torrential rains for a couple of days and the chicken's food grain supply got a bit as soon as the rain stopped, the grains were spread to dry, to prevent it getting moldy. The bright yellow grain did look pretty next to the garden area.

grains of yellow corn drying in the garden area

Thinking ahead for the coming winter..we ordered only 4 cubic metres of logs for our home heating system this year. Last winter we only used 4 cubic metres of logs and so there were a lot left over for this year...having extra is always a security. Storing and stacking logs seems to be our yearly team work.

 logs were stucked up...previous and present year's supply

Taking advantage of the cool weather, it was also time to transplant and move around some plants here and there. Our Rhubard plants were grouped together in a row in our vegetable garden area. Some globe artichoke that were not happy in the most sunniest part of our garden were also moved to an area where there's more shade. Transplanting plants at this time of the year means that they will have a little bit of time to settle in before they go into hibernation, and by spring time...they will be happier in their new location. 

The most shadier part of our garden

Most of the villagers are now preparing their meat supply for the coming months. I think this is because the planting and growing activity have slowed down now and it's time to get the meat provision for the cold months ahead. One of our fattened duck got sorted too. 

cleaning up the bird for the table

Fortunately I didn't have to do it myself...we have kind neighbours to do it for us. So, peking duck was on the menu recently...but one of our girls completely  put her nose up on this delicatessen....

our two neighbours were happy to sort the duck for us 

Well, life is sometimes gross...perhaps it all depends on how one sees it... I always remind myself that this is part of life...working and eating.... although, I think a vegetarian life is less stressful...

I have to leave you now to go and de-stress myself for a while...until my next journal entry...hope you have a better day than me.



  1. Having something you raised killed for meat is the best feeling. At least you know it had a good life! Your garden is still looking great.
    My father has to do the same with the corn, but he keeps hundreds of tons and has to really keep an eye on it!

  2. I can't do the killing either. My parents had chickens in our back shed. When we needed little protein, my dad and my uncle did the messy job discreetly. In fact I didn't see any of the action...less guilty I think.
    I heard the news that heavy rain storm is coming this to catch up of my reading with a cup of hot chocolate. Take care. Love your blog!


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