Monday 30 November 2015

Our biggest sweet potato harvest ever

Dear family & Friends

I still remember the earlier part of this year when I was so looking forward to grow sweet potato slips to plant out in our garden as soon as the weather warms up...

Harvesting sweet potato's the harvest third year of growing sweet potato. As I get confident...I also noticed more successful yield:)

Our sweet potato  harvest curing outside for a few days to get it sweeter
It's all worth the effort and space in our garden. Sweet potatoes are not common in this part of the world, perhaps not as easy to grow because it requires long hot season, but it's do-able. We persevere growing it because it's our family's most favourite root crop.

A whopper
This year we had the most successful harvest of sweet potato... even better than the normal potato harvest, which grows pretty well here. This goes to say that: We could grow things but we cannot really determine how things will turn out in the end.

We had a few sweet potato patches around the garden for this year

Garden has it's successes and failures as always...that's the fun of it. We are just grateful whatever comes up and we enjoy what is given to us. On the other hand, our lone walnut tree growing in another property plot only yielded us a total of a cereal bowl full. It could have been more...but I think other people went and harvested it before we realized that it's harvest time.

the total harvest of our walnut this year

Well there's always plenty to share...perhaps next year we will get our timing right. There's a lot of blessing that comes from the land. We are always very thankful.

Hoping and wishing you blessings too.



  1. Congratulations on a beautiful harvest! They look yummy :-)

    1. Thank you Joan. They are nice & sweet...definitely worth the name given- sweet potato;)

  2. Wow! They are so large! I love sweet potato...what kind are they? I love Satsuma variety the best but yours look absolutely fantastic!

    1. not sure about the variety...just got the tuber from the supermarket which I sprouted to plant in the garden...I didn't have the choice but fortunately what we got turned out to be a good sweet tasting one:)


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