Monday 7 December 2015

The Nice and The not so Nice

Dear Family & Friends

As I journal I try my best to look at positive things ...but is it all good things only that we have? Of course we do have our trials and challenges too. We do have normal life.

Zinnias still wanting to carry on... despite of the cold nights

After working in our garden year after year...everything naturally gets established, especially as we care for our soil which is the key part of a beautiful healthy garden. Pockets of our garden developed a warmer area causing some plants to carry on a little bit longer. That's Nice:)

Caught in action: a preying Mantis gobbling up a live honey bee:(

The presence of variety of beneficial insects is a nice thing for the garden too. Yet, we witnessed trial and even managed to photograph it. Here we saw a Mantis eating one of our live honey bee. Both Mantis and bees are garden friends and to watch this is difficult for me to accept. Not so nice:(

She's got a nice new boots

Our two beautiful girls are faultless...because of different upbringing, we realized they are not really into wanting materials things in life. In fact, we do have difficulties going shopping with them because we always end up going home empty...but recently the big girl found a nice winter boots and she was happy for us to buy it for her!! That's nice for a change!The daddy was extra pleased:)

flies...yucky flies on window screen
Weather seems perfect here...but we do have mosquitoes and flies too. Thus we install window screens. But as warmer weather comes to an end, it's now time to take the screen off, clean it and store it. It will be put back by mid spring once again. Not so nice but that's our remedy.

Good Morning! It's another new Day!

Life might have it's nice and not so nice things....but every morning as we open up the window curtain...we know it's another new day...and thats' always a nice thing.

Hope you have lots of nice things your way too.



  1. I love the boots! Nice find! I didn't know that praying mantis eat bees...something like that will gross me out. I'm so glad I didn't see that.

  2. The boots look really great! I just wonder is it very cold out there in Bulgaria right now? Your garden looks great! You take a very good care of it.


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