Tuesday 19 January 2016

Family Day Trip to Krichim

Dear Family & Friends

We normally find ourselves busy with work and studies at home...everyone of us are preoccupied with something or another. Year end is a time when work holiday seem to be compulsary for some of us. So, that was the time when we took a day trip to discover Bulgaria.

Safe and secure nest perched on top of a monastery church

We thought a day trip to the ski resort would be nice...but we're not really sportive bunch! So, on to plan B.

Can you see the bird on top of  their towering nest?

We passed by a few villages on the way...this particular village is full of big stork bird's nest...said to be a lucky village if you believe in those things....as for us, we find the architectural structure of their nest impressive! You just can't ignore them.

cobbled stone bumpy old road

On the way, part of the roads are still the old cobbled roads... strong sturdy roads laid with stone tiles...but not very friendly and smooth sailing for the car suspension.

solar energy powered lamp post

As we approach another little town, we noticed that they are more environmental friendly...their public lamp post is solar power generated! That's trendy green environment isn't it?

On a very sunny winter's day...it's a pleasant journey to go to the mountains...not many infrastructures to boast... but nature's beauty is unbeatable just as it is.

Fruit orchard and endless strawberry fields with mountains looming behind!

Surrounded by mountains, we passed by lots of agriculture lands, orchards and strawberry fields  that seem to go on forever:)

Next post, we will be arriving at our destination, a place called Krichim, just a hour's drive from our home, but for a moment, we thought we were somewhere else...the atmosphere was just so breathtaking. I'll leave that for next time. For now, take care:)


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