Wednesday 13 January 2016

Winter veggies on the table

Dear Family & Friends

Although not vegetarians, our family are geared to eating more vegetables in our daily diet. As you know, I grow all our veggies in our garden, but comes winter, many plants either go into hibernation or they slow down a lot in their growth. 

This is a simple garlic prawn dish...but overkilled with lots of parsley:)

Yet, I can tell you that we still eat fresh greens from the garden such as parsley and coriander, (other herbs are now looking a bit sad and sorry). There's lots of brassica plants like: kale, sprouts, cabbage, broccoli...the leaves of these plants taste sweeter as they increase their sugar production within their system to withstand winter cold.  (Yes, you can eat the leaves/stems of brocoli & cauliflower...not just the flower part of the plant.)

Chopped up brassica plants leaves..quickly stir fried with garlic = YUM

I planted a lot of these winter hardy veggies but it seems it's never enough as my girls just love their fresh greens. I must remember to use the other frozen veggies in the freezer at this time too:) 

leafy greens sprouts sown from seeds

So, my mission to keep sowing - is a must. Ice cream tub comes very handy for sowing leafy greens. I use the lid to cover it at night to protect it from extreme cold. Once bigger, they will be transplanted out in the garden. Leafy greens like pak choi, mustard, argula, lettuces... prefer cooler climate...but on extreme winter cold, it needs some form of protection cover to survive.

Started to redesign the garden lawn early in the winter...more to be done in Spring. 

At the beginning of winter, we transplanted around fifteen lavender plants which I propagated early last year, and lined it up on the grass lawn to form as hedge for a new garden pathway. I'm not a fan of grass lawn. By spring, I'm hoping to turn the rest of the lawn into a mini fruit orchard. We'll see:)

For now, I exercise patience as I wait for the season when I can escape to the garden...It's getting colder as expected...but virtue is a goal to aim for the moment:) Hope you do the same in everything that comes your way. Happy a happy day for the rest of the week:)



  1. I love shrimp! I decided to have the garlic shrimp tomorrow. I hope I have a successful vegetable garden this year...thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Akemi...BTW...I do miss your blog:(
      Wishing you a great year and lots of blessings.

  2. Reading your post has encouraged me to grow more veggie in my garden. So far I have not been very successful. Maybe it is because of the hot weather here.

    1. Nancy, you're so good with gardening yourself...I'm sure veggie growing will not be a problem....grow bitter gourd, kang kong and all those exotic veggies, they are big challenges for me here, but I don't give up till I ran out of the seeds.

  3. Yum yum...i like shrimps too. Yes . I do take a lot of vegetables too

  4. I am so jealous right now. Those shrimp look absolutely delicious. If I had that type of result I would make a different shrimp salad every night of the week. You really took amazing care, what kind of fertilizer did you use to get such a huge bounty? Please post more picks when you can, love the different bounty you hauled.

    Kristina Cobb @ Dennys Lawn


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