Friday, 10 June 2016

green sauce recipe - using cilantro

    Dear Family & Friends

    The cilantro and parsley plants that have overwintered are now big massive bush. They are preparing themselves to start their seed production. As we have so many of them, I will probably just let one or two plants to go into seed, which will be enough for the seed bank. The rest I turn into green sauce. A good and easy thing to do as it does not involve any cooking at all. 

    Here's how: You just need a bunch of coriander or parsley - stalk and leaves, chopped up about 3 cups, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp red pepper flakes, 1/4 tsp salt, 3/4 cup of oil (olive oil or canola), 2 Tbsp of lime juice. Whizz them altogether into pulped up green sauce. Store in a jar. Refrigerate and wait for a few hours for it to work a magical flavor. Shake and stir again before serving. enjoy!

    peel the coriander stem as the outer layer is fiberous but use as much of the stem for it has more flavor to it.

    Set aside the leaves and chop them all into the blender together with all other ingredients. That's it!

    After cleaning the coriander, I give all the scrap to the chickens or for my compost

    I like to mix in some herbs too...such as mint. 

        We use green sauce to eat with rice, pasta, salads, fish...anything that needs a nice sauce to go is also nice as a dip just add plain yogurt and white soft cheese. I make a big batch because we eat a lot in this house and have a very good appetite for anything that says healthy.

        Wishing you a good fun day in what ever you put your hands to work on:)



  1. Very interesting and healthy green sauce. I would love to try but my hubby doesn't like the green taste and smell of most herbs.

    1. Nancy, this green sauce have a pronounced taste and smell of grass (in my honest opinion lol)... but I supposed, our family loves eating greens and herbs that it doesn't really matter LOL! In fact, I have to think about making another big batch, but this time I will use basil as we now ran out of cilantro and parsley plants!

  2. Great idea! I make basil pesto for pasta some time. It is so easy and very handy when you don't have the time and you want to eat Right NOW!

  3. hello annie,
    thanks for sharing the recipe.
    wish you a wonderful week,


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