Wednesday 27 July 2016

A dog who loves flower came to visit

Dear Family & Friends

While doing some work outside by the roadside garden of our home, a stray dog came by. He looked hungry, so the two girls went in the house to get some food for him. He happily ate it.

a stray dog came passing by... and we served him a dainty sandwich...

He hang around for a while to watch us tend the little garden by the roadside.

afterwards, he helped himself to a stem of summer flower we were growing...

The next thing we knew, he went and grab a stem of rudbeckia flower that we grew in our roadside garden.

He stayed awhile to watch us worked, then, he got up and remembered to pick up the bloom

He carried it with him...and I think he is taking it back to where he lives. I've never seen a dog who knows how to take cut flower home...perhaps, it's for his girlfriend!

I'm sure he said thank you and goodbye as he heads home taking the flower with him :)

Glad this dog got a sandwich from the girls that day and even had a helping with a beautiful cut flower to take away:) We haven't seen the dog come by again...perhaps he got married and life got busy.

Oh...just a silly dog story for you today. But I do hope you have a good day and wishing you - all good things your way too:)



  1. Cute story! And I am always fascinated about how folks in other countries live, etc.---so I liked seeing the pics of your street. How nice that it is flower lined! Very pretty. I'll take that any day over grass.......

  2. Haha, such a funny dog. The sunflowers show beautiful along the road.

  3. Irresistible flower. Must be bringing that to its


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