Monday 1 August 2016

The joy of collecting seeds

Dear Family & Friends

Summer is the time when you can take advantage of collecting seeds from your garden...either for kitchen use or for re-sowing back into the garden, without having to go and buy for more.

These are Lunaria flower seed heads

During the week, I have been busy and patiently collecting all of the Lunaria/Silver Dollar flower seed heads. The dried seed pods were peeled one by one so that I can use the empty flower seed pods on stem for flower arrangement. Some seeds were sown back into the ground directly so we can have some of the earliest spring flowers for the bees to feed on next year.

Inside each flat heads are flat seeds

Much earlier in the season, there were brassica plants, lettuces, radishes, chards, chives and onions that bolted as summer heat after drying them....I managed to collect bottles of seeds and stored them. Most of them can be sown latter this summer for autumn and winter veggies. The cycle goes on in our garden. These work routines give me a lot of comfort.

The Lunaria seeds are attached to a papery case

More seed collecting will go on till autumn season... I always collect my summer flowering Zinnias seeds to spread them out in the garden for next year and to keep friends and families supplied too:)

After peeling off the seeds, I'm left with silver case still attached to it's stem

Oh the joy for collecting free seeds!! Whether you collect seeds or not at any season of the year, I wish you joy in whatever you are presently occupied in too!



  1. I love saving seeds as well. So satisfying to be able to share with people and also spread them to other areas around the garden.

  2. I also collect seeds from my garden, but not the Lunaria. I leave them to selfsow.
    Happy gardening Annie!


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