Wednesday 10 August 2016

Getting two new beehives

Dear Family & Friends

For two years, we kept a beehive in our garden which we bought from a local villager. Sad to say, we lost them in early spring this year. We still couldn't understand how it happened...but it was a very devastating experience. Nonetheless, we won't take it as a defeat.

our two beehives

Our fifteen year old daughter has been teaching English to a local little girl about her age. In exchange: she asked if her grandfather could supply us with a beehive family to replace the one we lost. They were pleased with the idea and are giving us two beehive families:)

To see a field of sunflowers always brings multi-joy:)

The  grandfather managed to secure two swarms for us:) For the moment, the hives are still with him as he is getting them established in their new homes. Once their hives has enough honey to sustain them, they will be handed to us to stay in our garden.

Sunflower field in our village

There's vast sunflower fields in our village area. Our two beehives are in the vicinity, so they can get and store more food as they settled in their new home. The kind grandfather visits them in the field and brings water to feed them.

This is a carrot that has bolted into flower to produce seeds for the next season:)

We are excited to have another chance of beekeeping venture. For the moment, I'm planting as many bee friendly plants in our garden, especially those early flowering ones for the benefit of the bees, and other beneficial insects which will make a happy garden - and a happy gardener:)

Hope you are keeping a happy and content - sending you wishes of a perfect weather today- one that is not too hot/and not too cold ...your way:)



  1. I bet that field of sunflowers is spectacular to see.
    Best of luck on your new hives. We have a "bee guy" that stores his hives on our property for the summer. It benefits us both...and he knows I always have plentiful blooms for his bees. Have a good week, Annie

    1. Sue, summer is going fast. Hot it is but it's the lifeline of the yearly sunflower field!
      We need all your best wishes for the beekeeping venture. We all want to do it right this time...for a garden without bees are just not the same. Wish you have a good week too Sue:)

  2. Hey Annie. I hope you are having a lovely day. I think barter is a really good way for more integration into a village and to not have to pay for something. Many people are unwilling to talk cash for something and are happier to barter as it is thought course. But what a fab thing to be giving English lessons. This will have boosted her confidence no end. And also later in life it could be another string to her bow and could be helpful. And 2 swarms to reciprocate. Good deal done.

    we put in two borage plants this year. And we have had so many bees and bumble bees. And guess what? For the first time ever, we have fruit on our olive trees! A coincidence? I think not. I know we probably wont be able to eat any of them but I am thrilled nonetheless.

    I am slowly hoping to read back through all of your posts!

    1. We planted an olive tree last year and it didn't pass it's second year!! Thus, I'm so thrilled to hear about your fruiting olive tree!! Bravo to you:) ...and you don't even have a mediterenean climate to make things easier!! Coltswold Extra Virgin Olive Oil must be the next in thing:) Keep on a happy garden Sol:)

  3. hellow ANnie.

    Keeping bees. WOw... over here there are some who keep bees too. Stingless bees.

    Nice to have fresh honey


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