Monday 15 August 2016

It takes a village to raise a child

Dear Family & Friends

With the food abundance we experience specially at this time of the year ... we often wonder why the villagers are pouring and sharing their produce with us, knowing very well we also grow the things they grow - perhaps not as big and vigorous, but nonetheless, I try my best to grow what we can and know how in our garden for the family's needs.

the Balkans - child's painting of one of the girls
Then, it occured to me that whenever villagers shares their produce with us, they always say - 'take these for the children.' No ill feelings...not that we adults don't need to eat and share it too...but what they are saying is that children are growing and nutrition is vital for growth.

village hens - child's painting of one of the girls

There's a saying that says: it takes a village to raise a child. ..and this is very true to where we presently live in. For the years we have been living here, villagers known or unknown to us,  had been so kind to our children: sharing fruits and veggies, and even teaches them courteous manners like addressing every elderly with honour and respect as what and how a family does to each other.

the cheerful cycler - child's painting of one of the girls

Our two girls are bigger now...yet, they are still very much the children of this village. I'm so glad we have and are given the opportunity to live here. Our two girls understand these and are grateful too:)

Life is not least not in this part of the world. Hope you have a beautiful day today, with lots of blessings too:)



  1. Annie-I am JEALOUS of the culture where you are. Here in the States, it is so selfish and self centered. It sounds as if you live in a very wonderful place indeed. Perhaps at times the children didn't "appreciate" the lessons from others, but I'm sure they have grown to have manners and courtesy from that.
    Lucky lucky you.
    Have a terrific week, and thank you for sharing a life most of us can only dream of. (I am forwarding this post to my son in Arizona)

    1. Sue, every person in our village is an uncle, an auntie, grandma or grandpa to our children. Once my daughter made a careless mistake of calling our neighbor just by his name and she was told off for that...That's how they show true care:)
      When we were visiting Texas...we noticed how the Americans says: 'Yes Sir' or 'Yes Ma'am', even the children practices it at home with their family! I really admire that too:) It sounds SMART!
      Thank you Sue for your constant kind words. Wishing you a good day today:)

  2. Hey, Annie. That's what we do over here too. Whenever friends give us things...we would say no need and then they will say take it for the kids.'s a nice way . Kids may not understand it now but later when they grow up they will do so.

    1. I think in some ways, the Bulgarian culture shares similar family values to the Asian counterparts:) Makes me feel home:)

    2. Must be :)

      And the painting is creative too. Instead of one color , she uses different colors :)

  3. Beautiful art! Lovely colours!


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