Sunday 25 September 2016

The lingering blooms from the summer's garden

Dear Family & Friends

The summer this year was pleasant...not too many super hot days - just enough...although perhaps some of our plants wanted it a notch higher in temperature thus resulting to less yield. Nonetheless...I would's all perfect in every way.
The lingering summer's bloom in our garden

We had a lot of amaranth this year and I've gathered a big bottle of it's seeds to use in the kitchen...perhaps incorporate it with bread baking. We've never tried amaranth seeds before but we will have a go. It certainly takes a lot of flowers to harvest a handful of seeds.

the last of the rose blooms for this year

As summer lingers on...although I'm pretty sure the air is saying that autumn is now here...some of the roses are still blooming...our last chance to enjoy it till next year again.

the roaming tortoise in our grden

Some of the herbs like the mint have started producing lots of flowers that attracted so many bees to itself... The tortoise is still roaming the garden...but we know he will soon prepare for his hibernation.

the grapevine area

This length of the garden with lined grapes overhead has by now been harvested...but most of the leaves are still there taking in some food for itself before they start leaves dropping - as the weather is now turning cool.

morning glory vine as day comes to close

The morning glory vine are still giving the pleasure with their bright blue/violet blooms every sunny morning, at night they shut their petals up.

the four o'clock flower shrub at night fall

On the other hand, this four o'clock flower shrub that volunteered to grow in our garden in the midst of the flowering mint, opens up their flower from late afternoon onwards. So, they're called 4 o'clock.

As night falls...some flowers carry on working happily to catch the attention of the nocturnal creatures...but as for me, it's time to flop in bed to rest the weary body. It had been a productive long day...tomorrow will be another day to look forward to:)

Sending you wishes of a brilliant week ahead:)



  1. I didn't know that Amaranth seeds can be eaten until I read it here. The roses are lovely in pink. I am looking forward to my 4 o'clock plants to bloom. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Nancy, we haven't tried the Amaranth seeds I've gathered this year but we's more of a health food. I have a friend who enjoys it with her cereal. Enjoy your day and garden today too:)

  2. I have never heard of a 4 o'clock plant. The flowers are pretty. I wonder if it would grow here in the UK?

    Your garden is very pretty.

    1. I'm not sure Sol...but if you want, I could send you some seeds to's an annual that likes warmth. Let me know:)


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