Thursday 29 September 2016

Sibling's Joy

Dear Family & Friends

Our two girls have two different personalities despite the fact that we brought them up in exact similar ways. That tells you that everyone of us are born with a very special design - not factory made!! Thus we always end up not exactly alike!

Some years ago, the older of the two girls wanted her ears pierced to wear pretty earrings. We took both girls to have it done at the same time. The younger one wanted the idea too but she had lots of fearful thoughts. She braved it but literally 'threw up' after the piercing was done...My poor child!!

homemade earring collection organizer

Yet, just after a year, the older sister who initiated the idea didn't want earrings afterall, but the younger one carried on enjoying the routine of daily coordinating her earrings with her's just her joy and interest.

Big sister helped with this earrings organizer project for her younger sibling 

So it came to pass that all of the earrings the older sister were passed on to the younger sibling, who's just happy to collect them all. She is an organized girl (again very different from the other sister) and she wanted to keep her collection in order. With the help of the quick thinking older sister, they came up with a homemade organizer using some of the craft materials we have on hand.

Big sister got a good bargain for her little sister:) They were both joyful:)

It gives me happiness to see that despite their different character and personalities, these two sisters are always there for each other. They tend to share each other's joy and give each other every support. And this is my greatest joy as their mother who believe in teaching them daily - the values of life.

I find that whatever we sow in life, is what we will reap. So, let's keep sowing good seeds and not get tired...for soon we will reap the harvest. Happy gardening to you...whether it's in bringing up children, earning a living, or literally - sowing seeds in the garden.



  1. A beautiful post about your 2 girls. You have brought them up well. The earrings are pretty. Let's us continue to sow good seeds.

  2. I couldn't agree more. My girls are so sweet to each other ( most if the time ) they're always telling me they're best friends!


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