Friday, 14 October 2016

sad and happy notes this week

Dear Family & Friends

We have two beehives that are living in the garden of our neighbour. This village grandfather gathered a bee family for our empty hives in Spring as payment for the English language teaching that my little girl is giving to his granddaughter. He have been looking after the hives all summer till they are strong enough to hand over to us.

our beehive faced attack from other bees :( very sad:(

But this week, he had a dilemma... his existing strong bee hives start attacking our beehive for the honey that he gave to our bees to strengthen them a bit more. It was an emergency situation. We were called to take our hive back to our garden till situation settles in.  Unfortunately, I think our beehive became the casualty...I'm afraid we lost our bee family. It was very sad for us:(

the beehives of our village grandfather - who looks after our bee along side his

On a happy note...  autumn in a village life means harvest time. Most of our neighbours plant vast quantities of fruits and veggies that they enjoy like tomatoes, sweet pepper and potatoes.They are not adventurous with various veggies...but they are so good in growing what they grow every year!  So, we become the yearly beneficiary during harvest time. 

This week I have to suddenly process buckets upon buckets of sweet peppers, grapes, apples etc... that were passed on to us from various neighbors...sometimes, I wonder whether I really need to grow these myself...because when they come in...they really come in torrent! We are so blessed with extremely generous people over here:) People generally think the people here are poor, in fact they are very rich and the most giving people we know of in this world!

A big bucket of eating grapes from our neighbor

We never buy commercial convenient food such as pre-washed veggies, although we do have this version of homemade convenient food in our freezer. I must admit that after cleaning, washing, chopping every individual fruits and veggies almost all afternoon...I'm shuttered. But then, I have prepacked portions upon portions of them to be used for the many hot meals I'll be cooking for the family in the coming months. Most of all, I know that my convenient food are cleaned and prepared the way I want secret surprises!

Now it's time for me to have a little R&'s been a long day. Hope you have a blessed day ahead of you too.



  1. To see such generosity, is good for the soul. How beautiful is that?! On our road, many people have houses that are lot bigger than ours and have very large immaculately tended gardens and small orchards (some of the houses and the land go back to 1309! amazing). The gardeners, yep their gardeners, put out all of the apples or surplus that they have in wicker baskets for people to take. They write on the little signs please take for your horses or animals. We take them for us! Bwah ha ha! like church mice!

    1. Love to see and hear how you view the humorous side of life Sol:) They might start to think you own a horse sanctuary!!
      On the serious side, an apple pie is so delicious at this time of the year...individually wrapped in pastry with sugar and cinnamon, cooked with love for yourself and your love ones! Do enjoy your autumn season Sol:)


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