Sunday, 9 October 2016

Black sea holiday food

Dear Family & Friends

Follow on to last week's post, I'm sharing here some more fun time which added up to our family holiday! Yes, we love eating. There was a big selection of breakfast buffet provided for by the hotel.

A selection of our breakfast buffet
A big choice of continental breakfast:  cereal selection, cold cut meat, eggs, cheeses, bread rolls, fruit and veggie slices. Then, they also included some local breakfast fare consisting of banitsa (puff pastry with salty cheese), fried donuts called mekitsi, olives, and crepes with choices of fruit jam, honey and chocolate spread.  The fun part was the inclusion of cakes and the local baklava dessert, which is made of puff pastry with crushed nuts and honey rolled in with lokum (sweet jelly) was so intensely sweet...and I had that for breakfast as my first choice! YUM...with cups of capuchino! I know I'm being naughty to enjoy dessert for breakfast....but I deserve it.. after all, I was on holiday.

I had dessert for breakfast - but.... I deserve this because I'm on holiday:)
Holiday stroll brought us to meet lots of street food. Not every street food appeals us...but we were drawn to fried fishes. It's natural to conclude that they get their fishes fresh from the bounty of the Black Sea because fishermen's boats line the coast. Anything fresh is unbeatable!

Street food snacks found in the seacoast area 
So, we snacked on fried fishes while we were there. Must be the top highlight of our holiday!

more seafood kitchen - seafood taste better when you can also see the sea:)
Our little family is not a great fan of eating in restaurants. I have a very sensitive stomach that reacts easily to anything that is not agreeable! Besides, some of us just don't have the patience of sitting in the restaurant to wait for orders to arrive etc... and the unavoidable situation of getting trapped in the clouds of smoker's cigarette puffs is also a big issue!!

the last of the Tsa-tsa little fish snack...the bigger red fish is called barbon - all so good:)
We saw lots of grilled food that is typical in Bulgaria. We didn't have any as we're not really great meat eaters. I must admit that I always pack some instant noodles and snacks with's my security measure. During holiday breaks, it's better to be safe than sorry... the last thing I would like to happen is to cause stress for my little family whilst they're having fun on holiday.

Other restaurant menu billboard to check out - not just seafood...
There's lots of choices and reasonable accommodation and places to go to in Bulgaria. It's best to do your research before hand. For our two nights three days weekend holiday for a family of only cost us a total of 150 euros for everything! -  food expenses, big apartment hotel accommodations, car petrol...there and back! The added bonus was that we found it more relaxing and hassle free than a booked flight holiday somewhere else! Local holidays are better overall:)

The best thing about holiday is the happy time we make together as a family. Hope you had your good share of holiday memories already done, if not yet...go and share one together:)



  1. It all sounds absolutely delightful! So glad your family had a good time together. Well worth the cost (which sounds VERY reasonable!)

    I have to watch it on the road with food as well. We just got back from a vacation and I spent most of it eating food from the grocery stores and only an occasional treat in a restaurant. Seems I'm not alone with having to do that............

    1. Glad you're back safe and refreshed from your holiday break Sue:) Eating food from the grocery store is a treat for us Sue...glad we share the same simple joy! Wishing you a home sweet home time and a great week ahead of you:)

  2. That holiday breakfast looks great and delicious. And what about fried fish snacks, I think I could do with it for a couple of days, delicious. Then I see the price that's very reasonable when you compare prices with our country because even the petrol is included.

    1. Europe is beautiful for holiday travel, but we find that it could be expensive for a family... but eastern europe is cheaper and just as beautiful although perhaps not too modern in terms of developments compared to the west. Most cars here uses 'auto gas' or liquid petroleum gas which is so cheap than gasoline or diesel! Take care Janneka and enjoy the beauty of autumn this week too:)

  3. Oh Annie that all looks lovely. Breakfast is my favourite meal. When we were in Sri Lanka I ate curry for breakfast lunch and dinner! Yum.

    I also like small fried fish, we used to eat them a lot when I was a kid. They were called sprats in our house. Whitebait to everyone else. Devoured them head and all!

    1. I definitely won't mind curry for breakfast either:)
      When our two girls were much younger, they were horrified to eat fishes with head and eyes that looks back at them!! Now, they've changed their minds and we have to be quick to get the last little fried fish - yes, devouring head and all, for there is no other best way to eat them! Sending you some autumn sunshine your way this week :)

  4. The big selection of breakfast looks delicious to me. I love continental breakfast. Capuchino sounds great with breakfast! I love fried fishes especially when they are fresh and fried till crispy. I do not enjoy costly and long flight holidays. I prefer and enjoy short local holidays that are not so costly.


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