Saturday 25 February 2017

It's gardening time once again

Dear Family & Friends,

I told you that winter only last for a season = three months here... and I'm  right of course:) Snow drops comes just at the last month of our winter season - around February. They are the first flower that comes up in our garden.

a cluster of snowdrops

I was so happy to see the buzzing bees around the cluster on the first warm sunny day. Yes, they're back and they're announcing that spring is a matter of few days away:)  I've recently learned that snowdrops are easy to propagate...simply dig them up to divide the bulbs further and replant them. They will multiply quickly. I will do just that as soon as they finish flowering

I've noticed they have spread under the grapevine areas:)

Today I have been out gardening for the first time for this new year...How I miss gardening! I surveyed the garden and saw that some new plant shoots are already coming up. I pruned and trimmed old plants, planted the cut stems into the ground, hoping that they will take roots, sown some cold loving salad plant seeds and peas too:) I heard that the next two days will be even warmer before a light sprinkling of rain is to come. Just perfect!! I will carry on again for another's now time to rest:)

Whilst we are very fortunate with almost perfect weather in Bulgaria....Sad to say, UK seem to have non-stop terrible time with lots of storms all throughout the year - it seems:(  Recent storm Doris flew a couple of roof tiles which did damage to our house porch:(  Must be a very frightening strong wind, but at least no one's hurt. Hopefully I could say...all these are just but for a season...

Still hoping all the best of the week for you! Keep safe wherever you are.



  1. Those snowdrops are so pretty. What a welcome sight after winter.

  2. Hello Annie, it must be so invigorating to finally get out into the garden after months of winter! The snowdrops are delightful. Happy gardening :D)

  3. I wish these snowdrops will grow in my garden too. Looking forward to the new blooms and fruits from your garden.

    1.'s very normal to dream of growing something unusual or wish for snowdrops and here I am wishing for a long list of exotic plants that you only can grow there...LOL

  4. Beautiful snowdrops.. I yet start planting.. I planted few vegetable seeds, but they yet to come out..

    1. Krishna, I'm so happy to hear that you are also into growing vegetables right in your garden:) I find it a lot of joy and I hope you get success and lots of happiness in your growing this year too:)


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