Wednesday 1 March 2017

Progressing ever so slowly

Dear Family & Friends

For the duration of our winter season, there was nothing better than to enjoy doing the interior works in our tiny apartment. We were amazed that even without any heating system it didn't feel cold at all.

the incentive or 'the bait' for our workers

Most of us really enjoy and are looking forward to go there to help in with some manual works. Although we don't get paid for any work contributions, yet there are always food food and crisps snacks are on offer!! These unusual baits are always attractive!! 

insulation for the floor...plastic  lining topped with foam sheets

All messy painting works are now done with. The next phase is the flooring installation.

precision...precision while cutting the floor boards

Our big boss is very meticulous and a bit perfectionist in everything. So, you can imagine how slow work goes.

it will be nice once the flooring are all laid down....

So, at times the workers get impatient ... but there's always the extra activities they get into - to fill their time in between., reading all product manuals and instructions which are written in Bulgarian. They enjoy studying every word therein to improve their language skill further, till big boss is ready with further work instructions:)

every word on the work manual/instruction is studied and translated

I guess it will be a while before we finish this decorating works. Mind you, we only get to our project  site once a week because there's just not much time available these days. Well, we just do what we can do...a day at a time.

Hope you are doing good ...keeping busy - out of mischief - at the same time, enjoying every hour of the day too:)



  1. Hello Annie, the building work is progressing well and how nice that you can feel it's going to be a warm building.
    I think the idea of 'bait' is a good one - treats every now and then are fun.
    Cheerio and good wishes :D)

  2. The baits consisting of fast food and crisps are attractive to me. If there is no rush, take it easy and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done later. Keep warm and stay safe. Have a wonderful day!


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