Monday 13 February 2017

The family project is going great

Dear Family & Friends

Lots of work for us here but it's what keeps us going for the moment. It's what wakes us up early  in the morning, all ready to go...something to look forward to. It might sound funny but a working goal is exciting for our family unit!

one big shopping goods hauled back

As a family we decide together how we want the apartment to look like. We have chosen the paint colour, all other materials and design of products we need for the interior works such as wood flooring, wall and floor tiles, paints etc... one room at a time.

working till you get covered with dust and paint all over:)

This project enables us to put into practice and gain extra skills in decorating works. It also helps our two teenage girls to develop teamwork abilities. 

teamwork...everyone have their corner to tackle with

It's surprising how much pride it brings when you accomplish hard work. Work develops more value when you earn and do it yourself.

the walls and ceilings are now sanded and job is the flooring

Learning skills by doing is by far the best schooling you could get. These two teenage ladies learned a lot of practical skills from their father. They appreciate work and are never afraid of hardwork. Work to them is another opportunity to gain accomplishment.

bycycles and reclining chair in case some relaxation is needed in between jobs

We brought two bikes to the working site. This is in case somebody fancies a break and go for a relaxing bike rides instead ... but no one bothered...they just want to concentrate and finish the task. As for the neon green garden's also an equipment for relaxation...this offer is taken...positioned in a sunny balcony in a cold winter's day, to sit on and enjoy a light lunch before going back to do more work.

night draws in once's time to head home

I'm proud of these three workers in our family. They work from morning till it's dark - before they come back home. My role is to pack their lunch early morning, and be the home keeper till they come back. By then, our home will be warm, log burner going and there'll be hot water ready for them to get clean before we all have warm cooked food together. We all have a role in the family unit to help and keep each other happy. Each of our roles are important - big or small.

Hope you are achieving happy goals too..for it is important in our daily living.



  1. They're gaining valuable skills AND contributing to the home. Sounds like you're raising some fine future adults!

    1. Thank you Sue. Raising fine future adults are our goals...there's nothing more we want for them. It's a process and we have to keep on... with God's grace:)

  2. That's lovely how you all work as a team. You're so right Annie, everyone's job is important. Such a wonderful grounding for your girls - you and your husband are preparing them for life so well. They are very lucky. Cheerio for now :D)

    1. Sue, to be honest with you, we do have our moments of labour dispute too...but we cherish that as's all part of our team is good:) Sending you good wishes for the day too:)

  3. eager to see the final look..

    1. It might take a while...a long while, Krishna. The workers got only Saturday schedule...but yes, I will journal them as we go:)


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