Thursday 2 February 2017

White is the colour - mainly

Dear Family & Friends

My last post seemed to be all white as the main colour...well, it still is...our snow is still lingering on..refusing to melt completely...but February month is already here. This is the last of the winter quarter. January's worst is over and temperature is now expected to remain above freezing, I hope:)

our village centre hall

Inside our home where it is little girl just want to knit another warm, soft white alpaca wool scarf for a friend.

knitted white alpaca wool is all done

In our city apartment, the colour theme we are working on seems to be all white too. Yes, we love the colour ! All white walls and it's going to be white flooring too:)

colours in our tiny apartment would be mainly white

Well, actually...there's also a lot of water colour art paintings going on in our home too...For that, our artistic girls couldn't resist with riots of colours.

A water colour painting done by my little girl for a friend

Colours we see around us can bring us a lot of cheers: white or multi-colours:)

Have a wonderful and interesting week to you all.



  1. Annie-you have some very talented kids! Lovely watercolor and scarf.

  2. So beautiful painting.. she is so talented..


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