Sunday 5 March 2017

Kind and Gentle Speech makes people happy

Dear Family & Friends

Today I heard somebody saying: kind and gentle speech makes people happy. It's what stacked in my mind and hopefully it will stick there forever with me.

my thumb size little people - all homemade with love

This week, I've picked up some tiny scrap materials and hand sew some happy little people. All very different - each one with their individual character, nonetheless - all very beautiful in their ways.

so many things you can do with yarns!

Yesterday, someone visited a craft shop and took a photo of the yarn displayed. One of us can't help but dream of all beautiful things she could knit and make. Not every dream we dream of is achievable...but it pays to be an encouragement to each other..with kind and gentle words - always...because other's happiness is that important too.

Wishing you a Happy day today:)



  1. A lovely post and the saying, "kind and gentle speech makes people happy" is so true. It says in the Bible in Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words cause quarrels. I pray too that I will always remember this and be a part of me. I love your little homemade people. They make me smile because they are so cute.

  2. That is true!! Those thumb size little people are adorable.. and your yarn collection is awesome!!!!

  3. When I am at work, and people arent listening to what I am saying I go very quiet. Wait for them to finish and then speak quietly. They then have to concentrate on what I am saying and not on what they want to say. It works very well with big burly builders I have to deal with. although it also helps that I wear dresses or skirts. I think it makes them more respectful. as I did work for 3 months for a female project manager, who wore a boiler suit day in day out, and swore like a trouper. I dont think the builders responded to her in a manner that is nice or should have been tolerated. where as with me, they were less rude, when they came into the office. Treat others with respect and they will respect you.

    Being gentle is a very good quality to try and aim for. If there was more gentleness and less ME ME ME culture, think how nice things could be. (that ryhmes but it wasnt meant to be...)

    Have a fab week!!!

  4. Hello Annie, so very true, and it is a nice thing to be a support and have an encouraging smile for one another. It goes a long way :D)
    Your little handmade people are gorgeous and so happy - they're lovely.
    Cheerio now and enjoy your days!


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