Sunday 25 June 2017

Grow herbal tea

Dear Family & Friends

Gardening can be time consuming, but it depends on what kind of garden you want. I find planting annuals plants time consuming as I have to replant them every year. But there are many perrenial plants that we could grow which bears beautiful flowers and some of them can be used for cooking and medicinal purpose.

self seeding camomille - all for free and very pretty too:)

We have a clever neighbour who comes to our garden to harvest some herbs. Once in the middle of winter while our garden was buried in deep snow, she came asking for some sage as she was having bad sore throat. She went straight to the garden and knows exactly where to get them despite everything covered in thick snow:)

life is good with a good cup of  camomille herbal tea - only the best

Here are some of the plants we grow in our garden which we use for medicinal and culinary purpose:

Camomille - Use the flowers for indigestion/colic, anxiety, tension and irritation.
Echinacea - this is an immune booster that is great for the flu.
Lavender - Can be used to calm and ease pain...also as an antiseptic.
Lemon Balm - relieves anxiety, insommia, calms stomach upset, threats cuts, soothes insect bites.
Marigold - soothes sunburn, acne, ulcers and digestion.
Parsley - helps soothe upset stomach and bad breath
Rosemary - helps improve memory and concentration
Sage - good for solving sore throat problems

my edible wilderness in all its beauty

Other basic herbs are onion tops, chives, basil, parsley, cilantro, oregano, peppermint, tarragon and thyme...most of which just grow themselves, even self seeding if you just avoid digging and disturbing the soil. These plants can work wonders for your kitchen cooking.

our free roaming tortoise sunbathing in the garden with hind legs stretched out

Well, what more could I say. Chill out...grow herbs and use them for your health as much as possible. Not a difficult thing to do. 

We're into our proper summer time...not the best season of the year for me because I'm not so good in coping with the intense heat we get ..30..35...40...42C!! But I'll try my best, it just for a season, so, I'm off to chill out in the garden shade...sit on my green garden chair and sip some cool herbal tea. I need to recharge my small battery pack and that's what I will do to make my little family happy:) You do the same too:)



  1. You've a wonderful array of herbs Annie. A lot of them have beautiful flowers too don't they. I enjoyed seeing your photos too.
    Love your tortoise, he must think he's in paradise :D)

  2. Hi Annie, those herbs are wonderful and the flowers are lovely. Nothing like growing your own fruits and herbs...anytime you need it, just pluck from the garden or harvest and dried the herbs for later use.

    best regards


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