Saturday, 1 July 2017

edible golden needle - day lily flower buds

Dear Family & Friends

Did you know that day lily is an edible flower? We planted daylilies in our garden and they are not fussy plants. By now, we have a big stock pile of these plants. I thought it is about time to put them to good use.

A full bloom daylily flower
You can buy dried day lily flowers in Oriental stores. It is known as 'golden needle'. It is delicious cooked with chicken in soy sauce sauce stew. Since we don't have Oriental stores here, I thought I should try preserving these flowers for cooking. I heard it is not advisable to eat these in great harvesting them for future storage is also a good idea. Otherwise, they will all bloom up and it is not suitable for cooking anymore.

day lily flower buds are edible - best if they are still close buds

It's best to harvest the flowers as buds. Stir frying them - so delicious. I also gathered a few and steamed it for five minutes, then I dried them in a dehydrator. Now I have a bottle full of dried daylily buds for later use

my harvest of day lily flower buds

By autumn time, I will definitely propagate by dividing my day lilies and replant them so we can go all out in using them as edible food next year...the more day lilies in the garden - the better! They are easy perennial plants and if you don't eat them...the blooms are so beautiful for the garden too:) It's a winner plant!

Every year I'm learning to eat more edible plants to add to a wide variation of plant food for a healthier living. But with the intense summer immune system was knocked down with sleep deprivation. This week was bad. I had to medicate myself with cups and cups of herbal tea (echinea + lavender) it was so bitter that I added cherries to make it fruity:) With at least 10 herbal tea mugs that day and non-stop sleeping all night and all day...the flu just went! Grateful for the fresh medicinal cupboard we have in our own garden:) Hope your week was better than mine.



  1. The flower is beautiful. We have the yellow daylily flowers and I have tasted the buds from Cameron Highlands. Can you share how you cook these buds? Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Hi Nancy, I'm one of those easy going chef. I just stir fry the daylily flower buds with a bit of oil in the pan,add some chopped garlic. Typical chinese stir frying of veggies...quick cooking to retain some crunch. I also tried mixing some flower buds to chicken cooked in soy the last moment when chicken is already cooked...because the buds gets overcooked quickly. The best thing is that you must use daylily flowers while it is a closed pick some everyday for the collection:)

      If you buy dried golden needle from Asian store, you can soak it in hot water for a few minutes to get it hydrated and tie them in a knot, one by one for a nice look and texture - I like this mixed with meat stew cooked in soy sauce. Have fun in trying out with fresh daylily Nancy :)

  2. Hi Annie, that's a lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing, I'm not aware that lily flowers is edible. Learn something new from you. If I get the dried one, will give it a try.

    Have a nice day,regards.

  3. he flower is beautiful. We have the yellow daylily flowers and I have tasted the buds from Cameron Highlands.

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  4. I did not know you could eat these! how interesting

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