Sunday 9 July 2017

Bite into Reality

Dear Family & Friends

I grow real food in my garden. When I prepare it, I try to find ways to keep the taste and goodness of that real food alive. I cook vegetables as short a time as possible, and in little or no water, to keep vitamins and taste from leaching out. 

a variety of green food from the garden

Without any added water, they taste more wholesome in flavor. That goes without saying that prolonged boiling of veggies is not our choice of cooking method.

a handful of mulberries gathered today are really delicious snack food 

Another favorite way of processing excess food gathered from our garden is to dry them. Dried fruits are popular snack food that's eaten like candy – right out of the bag or jar. Dried vegetables like tomatoes also make a good, quick pizza topping or pasta dish – as do frozen herbs and sweet peppers which we incorporate with our cooked meals during the week.

a mixture of freshly harvested herbs that will be mixed in our meal today

From time to time I make our own pasta and sprinkle dried crumbled up herbs into it. Anything that looks green becomes very appealing to this family for some reason, and they eat it:)

I encourage you to go for real food and make eating: worth the while. Wishing you good health and good day too:)


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  1. Wow!! lovely.. it is always fun to harvest from backyard garden...


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