Tuesday 11 July 2017

Eat organic food

Dear Family & Friends

You don't need to be rich to eat organic food. Food that is not grown with pesticides - which are so poisonous for us. This sort of poison doesn't immediately react within us...but as you know, they are the culprit for the many strange diseases that abound these days.

My garden Kale - grown without any chemical help

You'd say 'but I can't afford to buy organic food...they are expensive' I can well understand that because it cost more for the farmer to grow good food. But hey! Why not grow some of your food which the family could eat and enjoy? They are far more superior in taste too.

Amaranth leaves and seeds are all edible..safe and healthy food to go for right from the garden 

Growing vegetables, however little you could, is a good start. It's not hard and it is not expensive. You don't need to buy fertilizers...just get good seeds - not GMO ones, nor hybrids, so you could save seeds to replant again next year without having to buy again. Old fashion plant variety is better as they are tried and tested over the years....it's not worth going for the fancy types.

My daily collection of fresh veggies for our family home cooked meal

Once you have grown a few vegetables of your own....you and your family will understand what is delicious tasting veggies, and will give you more joy in eating more of them. You don't need to be contented with the tasteless supermarket veggies...

Good food are worth every penny

If we are to eat, we might as well eat good and tasty food. Growing our own is cheaper and far better in quality too. If we are willing to work hard to gain some monies, we might as well be conscious of where we would spend it on too...Don't bother giving some to the doctors or pharmaceutical companies...keep healthy...thus, it's worth spending them on good food.

We grow, harvest , keep, and eat them - almost all year long - for free!

It's another gardening year for us here. As my yearly aspiration...there's nothing more that I want to give to my family but clean, good and healthy food. I'm off to my garden now and get on with my dream.

Hope you have a happy and most productive and fruitful week too:)


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  1. we only put a veggie bed in the garden of approx 5x8 feet, to sell the house. We cant keep up with the amount of food coming out of it. I have left a basket at our front gate and dog walkers help themselves. We have courgettes and lettuce coming out of our ears. the mangetout, sugar snaps are producing their socks off. I have oakleaf, radiccio, escarole ( I use this word as people seem to think the other endive which I call chicory), american land cress and spinach. I have dill, basil nasturtium (which have come out a purple/red colour that I have never seen before, its super spicy in taste), marigolds and of course the crazy courgettes, yellow and green. When we move my first thing is I will have to sort out a soft fruit area and get my garlic in. Super important else they will be no good for this coming year.

    Excellent post


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